Monday, October 7, 2013

a not so great Saturday...

Rylee has been dealing with nosebleeds off and on since the beginning of this year. Usually they have started like most little kid nosebleeds start...she tends to be a nose picker...eww!
One Saturday morning a couple of weeks ago she woke up with a bloody nose. The only difference this time was that this one wouldn't stop and in fact started up four more times after the first one.
After the fifth time (while we were at Target with Grammy), I called Johnny to meet me at the doctor's office. They ended up having to cauterize her nose to get it to stop bleeding. It definitely hurt a lot, and she couldnt stop sneezing for a while.
The worst part was that the chemical used caused a burn on her hand (where she tried to wipe her nose) and under her nostril. She ended up calling that side of her nose the "bad side" for a while because it stayed very tender for a few days :(
I was just glad that Johnny could come and meet us at the doctor's office that day. He's such a good daddy!

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